I like me

I live almost half the summer season travelling in time, living in reenactment camps with like minded people. And even if it’s a kind of «glamping», (period tents, period beds, period food), we’re seeing each other in a very honest light all the time. There are no mirrors, hardly even a polished brass dish, no fancy hair-do, no make-up. Yes we admire each others craft projects and new bling, and some might be seen as being too rigid when it comes to period correctness, but everyone are equally sweaty and scruffy and noone has spotless clothes. As life itself it is never all song and dance but we are relaxed and in acceptance of each other as we are.

Enter modern day appearance standards and deep frowns appear. And, as I have understood, some four letter words.

While not intimidated I confess that I am still put off by it. By the introduction of a modern culture which reduces humans to masks…taken to this place by people I don’t know and as such can’t dislike. But I don’t like it and they represent it.

I’ve heard the words jealousy and envy used in reponse…to that I can only answer for myself; it’s not. I would consider it a royal pain to make such an effort before going out the door…every day…all that paint and optical illusion. But I held my tongue because it’s not my place and anyway there is no need to be cruel. But perhaps you don’t understand the blessing of being able to be only yourself, to be seen as the human you are and less as a face. This is what is under threat. This is what makes ME frown. Why I write this.

Colbie Caillat might have been at the front of the line when good bones were distributed. But good fortune in looks doesn’t mean that one can’t see the fault in our cultures’ insane demands, in particular on women, when it comes to appearances. Yes, we’re programmed to be attracted to good looks, but it has gotten way out of hand. The constant attention to prettiness is stressing people far too much from a VERY young age, creating a generation of shallow Hals and choking what is of real importance in any human being: your innards!

There are after all other arenas where your masks are appropriate. So I wish you’d leave them at home and come to us as you. Because if you like you I’m pretty sure we will too. 🙂


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