Powys Home

When I was young and silly and romantic I read a novel about Pwyll ap Dyfed, the Prince of Powys, and his dealings with the welsh fairy folk and most importantly, Rhiannon, who was to be his wife. The novels’ bones were based on welsh mythology, the first branch of the Mabinogi.
Of course you all know my great love of history and mythos, so naturaly upon reading this article at Desire to Inspire it all came back to me and I had to read the book once again, even if it is definately not considered prime literature. At some level I still enjoyed it, perhaps because it instilled in me the same feeling of traveling in time and curiousity to know more about the celts as it did back then.
What perked my interest in these rooms will neither come as a surprise to anyone…it has the rawness I appreciate, sometimes almost spartan…unmatched and dressed down. It gives off that feeling of ageing comfort, of home.
Hay-on-Wye06 copyFor sure there must be fairies and goblins in this garden!
Hay-on-Wye07Come to think of it…have you guys read Lady Cottingtons Pressed Fairy Book?

If not you most definately should.


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