On this day of terror there was a wolf on the bus, and the bus driver demanded it remove its head. I’m not sure what he expected to find, but it stayed off the whole trip and he was happy about that. The bus driver that is.

wolf_quad_WIP_2_by_LilleahWestI hide in my house as usual this evening, lights out door locked, pretending I’m not home. I was supposed to go to the cinema for a Lord of the Rings maraton but my senses came visiting and told me to stay home and study for my drivers lisence.

My flatmate went out to get candy (for herself) and I had her lock the door out of fear that the awful little critters would force entrance. I’m sure they’ll run up and bite my shin if I tell them they can’t have any.

It’s mine! My own! My Precious!

(Halloween art by overdeliver)


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