Jenny Wolf Interior

jennywolfinteriorsNOHO4I’ve always been aware of my hang towards masculine interiors…or should I rather say alienation from feminine decor. I love color but often find the so called womenly fickly frills too crowdy. Socially I’m sometimes impatient with the circular chitchat which some of my sisters enjoy, and even realize I can behave impolite when subjected to it. So no big surprise that a Facebook Meme gave the result of a 70% masculine mind. No bombshell either that this loft interior by Jenny Wolf struck a cord in me.
jennywolfinteriorsNOHO7jennywolfinteriorsNOHO10I love the singular elements, the no fuzz, the strict frame of these chairs!
jennywolfinteriorsNOHO12jennywolfinteriorsNOHO14I never thought I’d like crocodile style wallpaper but there it is.

And it’s cool.

[via Desire to Inspire]


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