Wow…a blog post! Hasn’t been one in ages! Bet you thought I was dead and gone back to the mud! I am, as you can see, clearly not that. I simply find that life is busier than it used to, and my focus has shifted somewhat. Life and work changes…when going from one huge genre of work to another building your new fundament takes time. And my other time travelling self is awfully busy too.


So leave it up to Desire to Inspire to poke me and get my attention. Interior design studio A3 in Moscow certainly got it.


This house is the wonderful mix of contemporary furniture and classic surroundings which always spark my interest. I normally don’t take a fancy to large black hanging lamps, they often seem like big black threatening bomb-like contraptions. But this one works for three reasons…the ceiling height, the darker walls and the other black items, namely the refrigerator and the one dining chair. They sort of make a path from ceiling to floor which is very appealing. The fact that the lamp innards are white helps too.


Using objects from different eras in this way makes the space look more lived in, as if you’re either extremely old or have had the good fortune of inheriting these items from relatives, completely different persons with different styles. That…or travelled in time!


I love this mix of cool and warm colors…all earthy on some level…in contrast to eachother but still in perfect harmony as all of nature always is.


And then there’s a bit of the sky…with Wolfgang Amadeus looking on in deep thought. How can anyone not be happy in this.


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